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Why People Believe The Bullshit They Are Told

img1497705511720.jpgBy now, you probably know that I don’t buy into things easily. I try to look into them, and a lot of the times, I spot the rubbish lying below. I’ve talked about brain gym and meditation. I have proven that extinction doesn’t have to be bad, and have asserted the value plastic bags bring to the environment.

I’ve talked about why everyone would want feminism (even if you hate women) and have explained how data mining will help you.

I have exposed the fraudulent prison system and challenged juvenile. I have even refuted the concept of equality (“turned it on its head”, as one commenter put it).

And there is a lot more to come.


But all the while, I’ve wondered why people believe this stuff. Why they are so gullible. Here is the solution to the mystery that’s bugged me for so long.

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So You Think GMO is Bad?

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Ever since its conception, GMO had been the subject of much scientific debate. Are they safe? Are they dangerous? Do they have adverse effects on the body? Do they harm plants and animals around them? What if they mix with non-GMO foods and ‘contaminate’ them?


But first, what is GMO?
GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It generally refers to food that has had its genes changed using biotechnology. It can be used to engineer foods with unique abilities, such as resistance to pesticides, adverse weather conditions, and more.

As these are no longer the same crops as before, people perceive these to be alien entities, potentially harmful to the human body. I can see where these thoughts come from – after all, one variant has poison in it (more on this below) – but really, their argument goes against the proof science (which by the way, is a logical, systematic process) has presented us.

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Brain Gym – Another Senseless Practice That’s Ensnared The Whole World

brain gym 3.pngThere’s a vast empire of pseudoscience being peddled for hard cash in state schools across the UK and USA; some of Asia and Australia’s been captivated too. It’s a little something called brain gym. It’s persistent in the education system; swallowed whole by teachers, and vomited right back onto the children. And the worst part – it’s riddled with nonsense.

Brain gym leans on a string of complicated and unusual (which is putting it mildly) exercises for kids that ‘enhance the experience of whole brain learning’. They’re very keen on water, for example. “Drink a glass of water before brain gym activities,” they say. “As  it is a major component of blood, water is vital for transporting oxygen to the brain.” They emphasis that the water should be held in your mouth, so that it can be absorbed directly into your brain. Remember – next time you drink a glass of water, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds; you don’t want your blood or brain to go drying out, now do you?

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Why The Concept of Meditation is So Screwed Up

The world seems to be captivated by an inexplicable hoax — meditation. 18 million people in US alone practice the bogus art of meditation.

Meditation’s philosophy is basically this:

The mind is a box — empty your mind, so you can fill it

That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard of. The mind does not grow in size with the body — it stays the same size.

As you can see, the size of the brain doesn’t increase, only the grey matter content does. In this aspect, the brain is not like a box at all. Therefore, the ‘available space’ doesn’t matter.

Now, I’m well aware that this is to de-clutter your mind and rid your persona of distracting thoughts, but it usually ends up doing much more than just that.

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Plastic Bags – The Best Option there is?

IMG_1247Paper bags are being promoted aggressively, and continuously. They’re strong, eco-friendly, reusable. So much better than old plastic bags. They’re bad for the environment, cost so much to make, clog everything up, tear up so easily. Yuck. I’m going to stick to paper thanks.

Certain governments have banned the usage of plastic bags on the grounds that it is bad for the environment, and that paper, or other reusable bags should be used instead because they are better.

But is it really better? Or is all this just a hyped up environmentalist rubbish? Allow me to pick apart their argument, thread by thread. Continue reading “Plastic Bags – The Best Option there is?”

Why It’s Not Just Women That Need Feminism

feminism.jpgRight off the bat, let me clear something up – feminism is not women over men. Most people seem to have this concoction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Feminism is equality of sexes. Not women over men, not men over women. Feminists want equality.

The general view on this is that women are oppressed, and women get the worse end of everything. I’m going to prove this wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not against women. All I’m saying is, in some cases, men get the worse end too. Continue reading “Why It’s Not Just Women That Need Feminism”

Data Mining Is Actually Good + There’s No Loss of Privacy

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The world knows about data mining – it’s no shy secret. Nearly everyone knows what it’s about and a lot of people hate it – but people use the services that mine their data nonetheless.

If you do not know how this works, check out this quick info graphic I made:

You use a free service (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and they collect information about you. The kind of things you search for, posts you like, etc. They basically make a collection of your interests and sell it to advertisers. The advertisers then go shopping for a perfect candidate to show their advertisement to.

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And for the most part, people are fine with it. But then comes the privacy argument, and how people are loosing their privacy (more on this below), yada, yada, yada
Picture2But then they continue to use those services


But this article is not about the hypocritical ways of people. There’s plenty of time for that later.
No, this article will talk about why data mining isn’t as bad as everyone makes it to be. How it’s actually good. Continue reading “Data Mining Is Actually Good + There’s No Loss of Privacy”