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Following a site revamp, I’ve turned this place into a content hub for my work. All of my work – be it articles about the unpopular, but more logical side of everything; non-niche articles; Quora answers; or short stories – will be gathered here. To sort through the content, use the category drop down to your right (or at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device) and select what you want to read. From now on, you can expect something nearly every day – yay!

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Why People Believe The Bullshit They Are Told

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img1497705511720.jpgBy now, you probably know that I don’t buy into things easily. I try to look into them, and a lot of the times, I spot the rubbish lying below. I’ve talked about brain gym and meditation. I have proven that extinction doesn’t have to be bad, and have asserted the value plastic bags bring to the environment.

I’ve talked about why everyone would want feminism (even if you hate women) and have explained how data mining will help you.

I have exposed the fraudulent prison system and challenged juvenile. I have even refuted the concept of equality (“turned it on its head”, as one commenter put it).

And there is a lot more to come.


But all the while, I’ve wondered why people believe this stuff. Why they are so gullible. Here is the solution to the mystery that’s bugged me for so long.

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You must have noticed this huge period of inactivity

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Well, there is a reason.

A while ago, I made the change – I switched over to a .com, privately hosted site. Email subscribers were notified instantly, so if you were/are a part of the group, you would know what I’m talking about. If you don’t though, basically, the blog can now be found at this address: airborneorange.com.

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Becoming Both a Morning Person and a Night Owl — How to Live On 24 Hours a Day

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Apparently, both of them together aren’t impossible (and it’s really good)

Admit it — we all want more hours in the day. Twenty-four just aren’t enough. And the truth is, we don’t even have twenty-four! We actually have somewhere near twelve to fourteen (assuming you get a good night’s sleep). I was fed up of this. I needed more time. So I crafted a solution.

Since three weeks now, I have implemented this pattern of life (sorry if that sounded terribly cliché), and to most, it would sound like I’m a complete maniac. But honestly, it’s been amazing.

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Explain A Film Plot Badly

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What are your favourite “Explain a Film Plot Badly”?

Read (I came up with all of them!)

“Oh My God” for Atheists

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Why is “Oh my God” used as slang by so many people that claim not to believe in God?


Which Animal Do I Want To Be?

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God has accidentally killed you and as an apology, he will allow you to reincarnate into an animal. What will you choose?

Here’s my answer (no, it’s not a werewolf)

Ladies First – The Surprising Origin of This Clichéd Phrase

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You have no doubt heard “Ladies first” being repeated over and over again throughout your life. It used to be an expected courtesy, and now it’s occasionally used in jest. But have you ever stopped and wondered where the phrase came from?

Maybe you thought it stemmed from a chauvinistic society who though women could not perform to the standard of men, and hence they were given the right to try things first.

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When A Serial Killer Hitch Hikes

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A short mystery/adventure story | Maybe I Will – 2


The moon signalled it was midnight, and a dry wind blew, ruffling Craig Huffington’s hair. He stood to one side of the road, arm out, thumb up — the typical hitch hike position. With a name like that, most people thought he came from a wealthy family, with a posh background and a lavish lifestyle. That was only two-thirds true though. Yes, he came from an affluent family with a swish background. But he did not live an unstintingly relaxing lifestyle. Being cast out of the house did that to you.
Craig’s family was part of a tribe. And tribes had enemies. No one really knew why the tribes hated each other. These alliances were formed long ago, longer than anyone cared to admit. But they were followed religiously nonetheless. Craig made the mistake of fraternising with the enemy. And he faced the consequences.

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