When A Serial Killer Hitch Hikes

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A short mystery/adventure story | Maybe I Will – 2


The moon signalled it was midnight, and a dry wind blew, ruffling Craig Huffington’s hair. He stood to one side of the road, arm out, thumb up — the typical hitch hike position. With a name like that, most people thought he came from a wealthy family, with a posh background and a lavish lifestyle. That was only two-thirds true though. Yes, he came from an affluent family with a swish background. But he did not live an unstintingly relaxing lifestyle. Being cast out of the house did that to you.
Craig’s family was part of a tribe. And tribes had enemies. No one really knew why the tribes hated each other. These alliances were formed long ago, longer than anyone cared to admit. But they were followed religiously nonetheless. Craig made the mistake of fraternising with the enemy. And he faced the consequences.

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