So You Think GMO is Bad?

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Ever since its conception, GMO had been the subject of much scientific debate. Are they safe? Are they dangerous? Do they have adverse effects on the body? Do they harm plants and animals around them? What if they mix with non-GMO foods and ‘contaminate’ them?


But first, what is GMO?
GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It generally refers to food that has had its genes changed using biotechnology. It can be used to engineer foods with unique abilities, such as resistance to pesticides, adverse weather conditions, and more.

As these are no longer the same crops as before, people perceive these to be alien entities, potentially harmful to the human body. I can see where these thoughts come from – after all, one variant has poison in it (more on this below) – but really, their argument goes against the proof science (which by the way, is a logical, systematic process) has presented us.

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