Why People Believe The Bullshit They Are Told

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img1497705511720.jpgBy now, you probably know that I don’t buy into things easily. I try to look into them, and a lot of the times, I spot the rubbish lying below. I’ve talked about brain gym and meditation. I have proven that extinction doesn’t have to be bad, and have asserted the value plastic bags bring to the environment.

I’ve talked about why everyone would want feminism (even if you hate women) and have explained how data mining will help you.

I have exposed the fraudulent prison system and challenged juvenile. I have even refuted the concept of equality (“turned it on its head”, as one commenter put it).

And there is a lot more to come.


But all the while, I’ve wondered why people believe this stuff. Why they are so gullible. Here is the solution to the mystery that’s bugged me for so long.

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