Why The Concept of Meditation is So Screwed Up

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The world seems to be captivated by an inexplicable hoax — meditation. 18 million people in US alone practice the bogus art of meditation.

Meditation’s philosophy is basically this:

The mind is a box — empty your mind, so you can fill it

That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard of. The mind does not grow in size with the body — it stays the same size.

As you can see, the size of the brain doesn’t increase, only the grey matter content does. In this aspect, the brain is not like a box at all. Therefore, the ‘available space’ doesn’t matter.

Now, I’m well aware that this is to de-clutter your mind and rid your persona of distracting thoughts, but it usually ends up doing much more than just that.

More than anything though, it wastes a lot of time. It ends up wasting more time than it saves, actually!

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One thought on “Why The Concept of Meditation is So Screwed Up

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