The Most Essential Elements of Any Non-Fiction Work

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How to draw readers in and keep them interested

What is the difference between a Jason Bourne book, and your physics textbook? Interest? Portrayal? Whether you’ve been forced into it or not?

Yes, those may contribute, but they are not the most important ones.

The most essential elements of a text that would draw people in are simply these:

1. A sense of awe or admiration
2. Anticipation

If a reader feels captivated by a story, they will hang onto it with their life. And this captivation can only be built with creativity.

I know it sounds cliché, but writing is nothing without creativity. And surprisingly, most people seem to overlook this.

For example, read this passage and pay attention to how it sounds:

This block of wonder can do so much more than you would think. While it is usually used to support structure hundreds of feet high, its capabilities do not end there. Our product is going to revolutionise the toy and creative inspiration industry and disrupt it with a bang, knocking the established ‘experts’ off their feet. It has the scope to do almost anything – all that limits it is the extent of your creative and inventive ability. Sign up now to make sure you’re the first to kick start your life!

Can you guess what I was advertising?

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