Plastic Bags – The Best Option there is?

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IMG_1247Paper bags are being promoted aggressively, and continuously. They’re strong, eco-friendly, reusable. So much better than old plastic bags. They’re bad for the environment, cost so much to make, clog everything up, tear up so easily. Yuck. I’m going to stick to paper thanks.

Certain governments have banned the usage of plastic bags on the grounds that it is bad for the environment, and that paper or other reusable bags should be used instead because they are better.

But is it really better? Or is all this just a hyped up environmentalist rubbish? Allow me to pick apart their argument, thread by thread.

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2 thoughts on “Plastic Bags – The Best Option there is?

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    […] By now, you probably know that I don’t buy into things easily. I try to look into them, and a lot of the times, I spot the rubbish lying below. I’ve talked about brain gym and meditation. I have proven that extinction doesn’t have to be bad, and have asserted the value plastic bags bring to the environment. […]


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