The Simple Route to a Drunk Free World

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These simple, yet effective steps are all the world needs to implement to rid the community of drunkards

There are no shortage of steps being taken to prevent people from drinking too much, so I’m not going to discuss them all. I’m only going to hit on the ones most relevant to this solution. To explain my situation, I’m going to lean on an existing one, that has been introduced in India.

My support is the demonetisation campaign that took place in November of last year. Here’s what happened:
The government made all the notes of large denominations (INR 500 and 1000) invalid. They then came out with new notes for INR 500 and instead of INR 1000, they introduced INR 2000. The Indian economy virtually collapsed, with banks exhausting their supply daily. This was done to weed out the black money in circulation, but it will help my case too.

Subsequently, this change helped to bring e-money into the economy at a larger scale. Everyone, from vegetable vendors, to large supermarkets started to use PayTM (PayPal for India) or other digital wallets.

Here’s what I propose: Let’s go for round 2

No, I don’t enjoy seeing people cash-starved and panicked. I’m just logical. Hear me out.

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