Data Mining Is Actually Good + There’s No Loss of Privacy

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The world knows about data mining – it’s no shy secret. Nearly everyone knows what it’s about and a lot of people hate it – but people use the services that mine their data nonetheless.



If you do not know how this works, check out this quick infographic I made:

You use a free service (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and they collect information about you. The kind of things you search for, posts you like, etc. They basically make a collection of your interests and sell it to advertisers. The advertisers then go shopping for a perfect candidate to show their advertisement to.

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And for the most part, people are fine with it. But then comes the privacy argument, and how people are loosing their privacy (more on this below), yada, yada, yada
Picture2But then they continue to use those services


But this article is not about the hypocritical ways of people. There’s plenty of time for that later.
No, this article will talk about why data mining isn’t as bad as everyone makes it to be. How it’s actually good.

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One thought on “Data Mining Is Actually Good + There’s No Loss of Privacy

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