Would You Plug In?

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Would It Be Wise To Choose To Upload Your Brain?

Scientists and leading tech pioneers have gesticulated (for quite a while now) that sometime in the future, humans will be able to ‘plug in’ their brain to a computer, and effectively become a robot with artificial intelligence. The typical time frame that is given for this technological advancement to come to life is the next 10–20 years, therefore being in the foreseeable future for most reading this right now. Considerable research has gone into this, with several different theories coming up, as to how to go about ‘plugging in’ your brain. But they all unravel, or boil down, to exactly the same thing.

Technological advancement is seeing an exponential growth lately, with each generation having access to successively more advanced technology.

It may look kidish, but it’s perfectly true

Our parents didn’t have the internet — now we can send data using light beams.

Their parents had even less.

Soon, technology could be seeing major improvements within a matter of months.

So the question that you will have to answer, when the time comes, is:

Should I upload my conscious to a computer and live in the virtual world?

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